Top 10 Reasons to eFile

1. Fast: Time-saver

Moms using are able to file their Notice of Intent and Year End Assessment in less than 1 minute!

2. Easy: Anybody can do it from any device

If you can send an email, you can e-file your homeschool documents using

3. Cheap: Less than a cup of coffee is only $1.66 per month (after 3 month free trial).

4. Proof: Documentation that your forms were received emails you a confirmation with the date & time your records were received.

5. Twelve Years Document Backup: No more lost paperwork keeps a copy of all your compliance records for 12 years, available to you anytime or anywhere.

6. Worry Free: Offsite backup makes daily backups of all its client's records (RAID system & frequent rolling backups).

7. Forget Me Not: Email auto reminder

No more forgetting to do your reports. will send you an email reminder when it's time to file your Intent & when it's time to file your Year End Assessment.

8. Focus: Spend time doing what matters

Homeschooling is hard enough already. Why make it harder with tedious record keeping?

9. Teacher ID Card: Get Discounts

Use your Teacher ID card to receive educational discounts from 140+ retail stores, museums, zoos, etc. Your ID card certifies that you are a registered Home Educator in accordance with Va. Code Ann. ยงยง 22.1-254.1. Visit our Teacher ID Card page for a list of over 100 vendors and the educational discounts they offer.

10. Secure: 256-bit encryption

All data passed between your computer and the website is encrypted.

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